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Trees Planted in 2012

Published in: Trees By Year

What a fantastic year it has been, we have planted over 2,500 trees in our second year and have built partnerships with many organisations that will add many more sites over the coming years. To date we have planted 3,361 trees in Derbyshire.

Hilton, In December, working with South Derbyshire DC, the Parish Council, St Modwen and Groundwork, we planted 1000 trees on a new village green, as part of tree week.

Clowne Community Care Farm This is a privately operated house and small holding at Clowne near Bolsover, which provides accommodation and day care for young people with special needs In January, we helped them to plant 125 native wild fruit trees in small groups and hedgerow for landscape value and to provide autumn forage food for the animal that they keep. 
Derbyshire County Cricket Club 160 trees, including symbolic two cricket bat willows, were planted in February with the help of BTCV trainees.
Ascot Special School (Ascot Drive, Derby) 4 native flowering trees were planted in the small grounds of this school in Derby with the help of staff and pupils.
Spondon Cricket Club 100 trees of mixed size and species were planted around the ground by volunteers from the club in March
Chesterfield Panthers RFC This is a new ground, under construction and we planted 600 treeswith the club member in March. More are planned for next year.
Shipley Park Cricket Club  we provided 50 nixed (thorn) species with canes spiral and mulch mats, plus a couple of cricket bat willows which club members planted at the end of March
Derby City Council/Friends of Darley Open Spaces We supplied 55 trees/shrubs and took part in an environmental fun day on 31st. March. This complemented 170 trees and shrubs which were planted by the City Council.
Trees from Seed (acorns). MTD organisers have collected and planted 80 acorns which we can supply to people for planting in 2014. The Green Health Project at Shipley Park and Wilsthorpe School in Long Eaton have also been collecting and planting acorns and other trees from seed
Horsley Lodge Golf Club On the 31st March Horsley Lodge Golf Club took delivery of 25 Oak trees.
Duffield VillageThis year with the help of Green Health Charity based in Shipley Park, Heanor we replanted 12 trees in Duffield and on Alfreton Road, Derby.  These trees died last year in the dry spring, this year we planted potted trees with mulch mats to help them retain water.
Hazelwood This year we planted 35 trees in Hazelwood that can be planted out in the community next year.

The total number of trees planted in this latest planting season was2167 trees, which with the 380 acorns planted, means that we planted 2,547 trees, compared to a target of 2000. 

Please get in touch with us if you would like to help us plant trees in Derbyshire in 2012/13

Trees Planted in 2011

Published in: Trees By Year
Location    Number   Sponsors
Hazelwood   50 Postern Hill Barn Owen Taylor
Hazelwood   2 Over Lane Bates Weston
Hazelwood   1 Breda Broderick RIP I M O Breda Broderick
Hazelwood   1 Over Lane Talbot Turf
Hazelwood   10 Hob Hill Talbot Turf
Duffield   70 Croots farm Shop Croots Farm
Duffield   2 Opposite Derbyshire BB Talbot Turf
Duffield   3 Derby Road Orchid IT
Duffield   3 Derby Road Bates Weston
Duffield   2 Derby Road Morley Hayes
Duffield   1 Derby Road Cables Direct
Milford   55 Derby Road Owen Taylor
Derby   1 Alfreton Road Ernie Austin
Derby   1 Alfreton Road Morley Hayes
Derby   1 Alfreton Road Orchid IT
Derby   1 Alfreton Road Bates Weston
Heanor * 5 Derby Road Morley Hayes
Hazelwood   12 Postern hill Barn Bates Weston
Muggington   55 Lane End Farm Ernie AUSTIN
Shottle   15 The Railway Public House Talbot Turf
Milford   20 Moscow Farm Crootes
Shottle   45 Shottle Gate Farm Morley Hayes
Blackbrook   60 Shottle Gate Farm Ernie Austin
Hazelwood   25 The Roughs Wood Owen Taylor
Ockbrook   25 Carr Hill Farm Morley Hayes
Borrowash   25 Carr Hill Farm Bates Weston
Small Farm   25 Draycott Talbot Turf
Belper   9 Fishermans Rest Pub Orchid IT
Ripley   3 Devonshire arms Pub Owen Taylor
Oakerthorpe   25 Anchor Inn Pub Ernie Austin
Turnditch   6 The Tiger inn Pub Morley Hayes
Higham   7 Grayhound Inn Pub Ernie Austin
Windley   22 Puss in Boots Pub Orchid IT
Milford   12 John Yates RIP I M O John Yates
South Normanton * 70 The Hub DCC?
Hazelwood * 120 Wellholes Wood Derbyshire County Council
Shottle Gate * 5 Chapel House  
Frankerbrook * 20 Postern Lodge Farm  
Lane End, Belper * 36 Crossroads Farm  
Ambergate * 35 Cricket Ground  
Morley * 8 Three Horse Shoes Pub Morley Hayes
Wirksworth * 25 Alton Manor Farm Owen Taylor Butchers
Cowers Lane * 25 Postern Lodge Farm  
Cematry Road, Belper   54 Ivy Dean Talbot Turf
Watstandwell   39 Riverside Lodge Morley Hayes &
Hazelwood   12 Round wood  
Blackbrook   21 Crossroads Farm  
Derby   60 Derby Rugby Club BWA, WAA and MHG,H&R
Idridgehay   14 Keepers Fields Bates Weston Accountants
Codnor Primary School   22 School field Owen Taylor Butchers
Total   1166    


* Sponsorship signs not yet erected.

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